About Rose Beads

Following a centuries old tradition, our rose beads are made by grinding the petals of our own
fragrant antique roses, gallicas, albas, cabbage, moss roses and others, in a hand grinder
each day for weeks until they form a fragrant clay.  The clay then sits overnight in a cast iron frying pan.
A reaction between the oil in the roses and the iron pan turns the clay black & fixes the fragrance.
Beads are rolled by hand. It takes almost a cup of fresh rose petals to make one bead.
As you wear them, the warmth of your body will release their fragrance.

Beads come in a glass jar containing a cotton pad infused with rose essential oil.
Store your beads in glass between wearings to ensure a lifetime of fragrance.

We offer both individual rose beads and finished necklaces of fire polished Czech glass & rose beads.
Choker to matinée lengths have 6 to 8 rose beads. Longer strands have 10.

We can also make beads from your fresh or dried roses from weddings, christenings,
or in the Victorian tradition, a loved ones funeral flowers. E mail us for particulars & price.

Having trouble making your own rose beads? E mail us.  We'd be glad to help.



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